FastsensE Diagnostics

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What We DO?

We are engaged in developing affordable, portable rapid on chip, electrochemical early diagnostics systems for complex diseases i.e. cancer and two products:  L-Sens and P-Sens are under development.  Early diagnosis is key to cancer survival and with our portable early detection devices, a large target population can be screened for any possible threat of cancer onset.

We have intensive expertise in sensor development and have created complete set up to develop various electrochemical sensing systems. We can provide easy, cost effective solution for any sensing need including impurities in foods and beverages, environmental applications (water/ air quality assessment, microbes and pesticides detection) and sensors for medical needs.

Technology & Services Offered

On-Chip sensing devices: To fabricate low cost single use strips for electrochemical disease detection by exploring newer materials.

Fabrication facility: To build up a robust yet green fabrication facility for chip manufacturing to meet all sensing needs.

Consultancy: We provide solutions for all biosensing needs from medical to environmental monitoring.