There are an estimated 2.25 million cancer patients in India. Close to 12 lakh new cancer patients are registered with the healthcare system every year. The cancer-related deaths during 2018 itself stood at 7,84,821 lakh. All these statistics point out towards the expanding menace of various types of cancers due to a host of issues, ranging from the wrong lifestyle, bad eating habits and air pollution to hereditary or genetic factors.
The only possible way to cut down on the number of cancer cases is detection at an early stage. However, in our country, more than 70 percent of cancer-related deaths are due to late diagnosis which results from expensive technology and lack of enough diagnostic centers with such capabilities. Therefore, the portable early detection devices could provide a solution to a large target population as they could be easily screened for any possible threat of cancer onset.
Working on the same ideology, the Pune based startup FastSense Diagnostics has been engaged in developing affordable, portable rapid on-chip, electrochemical early diagnostics systems for complex diseases such as cancer.
Founded by Dr Preeti Nigam Joshi and Mr Harish Joshi, the company has developed an intensive in sensor development and has created a complete set up to develop various electrochemical sensing systems. This medtech startup can provide easy, cost-effective solution for any sensing need including impurities in foods and beverages, environmental applications and sensors for medical needs.

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