FastsensE Diagnostics

Think Act Innovate

About us

FastSense Diagnostics is a social enterprise with a broad vision of ‘Affordable Healthcare for All’. Healthcare is the rapidly growing largest sector in India and globally enriched with new discoveries and medical advancements. But still, providing cost effective solutions for complex diseases in terms of diagnostics and therapy is still a distant dream in resource poor regions all over the world and our country as well.

We at FastSense are a group of like-minded people dedicated towards taking medical and technological advancement to the common people; a step towards ‘Science for Society’ by designing portable and low cost diagnostics and screening devices for complex diseases.  Our team comprises of experts of different interdisciplinary areas from nanotechnology to biomedical/bio instrumentation and oncologists with a common goal to provide healthcare services to all and to contribute towards success of ‘Make in India’ campaign by developing indigenous technologies for disease diagnostics. Our mission is to “Think Act and Innovate for the betterment of Society.”

Executive Team


Dr. Preeti Nigam-Joshi

Founder Director


Ms. Mamta Gandhi

Research Scientist


Pradeep Kumar

Administrative Officer (Honorary)

​                        alt

                  Dr. Saurabh K. Srivastava

                      Chief Scientist

Scientific Advisors & CollaboratorS


Dr. Rajiv Prakash

R&D Advisor




Dr. Amit Asthana

R&D Advisor




Dr. Pankaj Agarwal

R&D Advisor



Business & IP Advisors

Dr. Ramjee Pallela

Product Development & IP Advisory

Harish Joshi

Business Strategist

CA Aparna Labhe

Partner at SSAAM & Co.

Dr. Avinash Joshi

Lab to Market Strategist

Investment Partners